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Our Optometry Services: What to Expect

Your first visit with Dr. Nasser will begin with a detailed patient case history. This includes documenting your complaints, any previous issues or concerns with your vision, any issues wearing contact lenses, general health concerns, prescription medication or natural supplements currently being taken, allergies, and any family history of vision loss, eye disease, or other problems.

After reviewing your case history, you will be shown to the pre-testing room where auto-refraction is done to get a rough idea of your current prescription. Next, a visual field screening is done to help rule-out any serious ocular conditions. Retinal photography is also available upon request or as recommended by Dr. Nasser.

Lastly, the personal eye examination is performed. Preliminary tests include assessing visual acuity, eye muscles, pupils, and colour vision. A careful refraction is performed in order to obtain the correct and most suitable prescription for eyeglasses, if required.

Once this basic eye exam is done, biomicroscopy is performed to better assess your ocular health. Dilated retinal examination may also be required, and intra-ocular pressures will be taken. Once your eye exam is completed, the helpful staff at Eyes on Burrard can help you find the perfect set of frames.

We offer the convenience of one-stop shopping for eyeglasses or contact lenses and optometry services in downtown Vancouver exclusively at our Burrard Street location, just off Robson Street and two blocks up from Georgia Street, directly across from The Fairmount Hotel Vancouver.

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Eyes on Burrard and Eyes on Twelfth are Vancouver's premier eyewear stores. We take pride in offering a large selection of exotic eyewear and extraoridnary customer service. We offer the services of licensed opticians and an in-house optometrist. We have been in business in Downtown Vancouver at Burrard Street and West 12th Avenue since 1994.

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